Kampung Warna Warni: Enjoy Your Holiday With Us

Kampung Warna Warni: Enjoy Your Holiday With Us

1 Day 1 Night | Malang | Start Malang

Bromo: Enjoy Unforgettable Tours

Bromo: Enjoy Unforgettable Tours

2 Day 2 NightPorbolinggoStart Surabaya / Malang

Ijen Crater: Discover The Places You Have Never Been Before

Ijen Crater: Discover The Places You Have Never Been Before

3 Day 2 NightNaraStart Malang

Kampung Warna Warni
Bromo Mountain
Ijen Crater

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As travelers and the way of traveling develops quickly, you will need a quick response when arranging your tour. We will answer your email at the latest within 24 hours. If you send us a text message via sms or WhatsApp, we will answer even faster. Any trip can be arranged.


Rice Harvest

Hike through the farmers' fields


Great outdoor adrenaline

Ijen Crafter

Most acidic lake on earth

Ride a bike

See more...

Sempu island

The hidden blue lagoon

Batu Zoo

Family tour to Batu village

Traditional transport

In the ancient bowl of mount Bromo

Red island

Fun surfing

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Field Information

Up to date information gives you the opportunity to make the right choices. Our tour operators work in the field as guides. They also like to travel themselves and discover new spots. These two facts guarantee up to date information, if you ask a question.

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Train tickets should be paid for when ordering. This can be done online, but most often not with a foreign credit card. We can book for you, three months in advance.
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Service during your tour is what you need. The best service. To make sure that you have that 'once in a lifetime experience'. To experience a tour that you will never forget. To give you that 'the best service', we need to be innovative. Being innovative is universal, we all do it. But how we innovate is unique to each of us. Our next idea is to always provide something you don't expect, to find the new spots, to show you our Java.

Top Tours

1. Bromo & Ijen - start Malang
2. Bromo midnight - start Surabaya

Our Pickup

1. Bromo midnight - start Malang
2. Visit Bromo - start Surabaya

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Holyweek Promo 2018

Bromo & Ijen Mountain

Travel Blocking Period: March 28-30 or March 29-April 01, 2018
Booking Period: Limited Seats
Hotel: Fragrance Imperial or similar class
Airlines: Sriwijaya Air